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Due to its high level of accuracy, the VO2 Max test has long served as the gold standard for measuring cardiorespiratory fitness. That said, the test does have its limitations: Not only is its equipment expensive
For decades, heart rate monitoring has been considered fundamental to optimizing training intensity and maximizing performance, with individuals aiming to exercise within the ideal heart rate range for their age bracket.
Within your OVAL app, you’ll find the Member Reporting Suite, a section that houses all of the reports generated about your metabolic fitness. Every time you take a SMART Test, a new report will appear in the Member Reporting Suite.
In the realm of health and wellness, we often focus on metrics to gauge overall well-being. From BMI (body mass index) to blood pressure to cholesterol levels, these numbers provide valuable insights into health status and risk factors for various diseases.
At OVAL, we understand the importance of monitoring our bodies’ changes and adapting our approach to improve one’s metabolic system and overall health.
The SMART Test is a groundbreaking assessment that has revolutionized the way we measure your health and the health of your metabolic system.
Movement is the cornerstone of metabolic system enhancement, making it pivotal for improving your overall health.